Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CBD Hemp Oil?

You may have heard a great deal about hemp oil, but there are a variety of types out there. Not all offer the same benefits. When making a purchase, it is best to choose CBD hemp oil. But, what is it? CBD oil is made up of CBD that comes from the cannabis plant as well as hemp seed oil. This combination allows for the application of CBD in a variety of ways.

How Much CBD Is in Hemp Oil?

There can be some variation here. However, there is a low level of cannabidiol or CBD in all types of hemp oil. It is important to know what this means. Hemp oil and marijuana are two separate plants with different, but similar makeups. Whereas marijuana has a high level of THC in it than hemp oil but does contain CBD. Most commonly, though, hemp oil only contains a low level of it – sometimes as little as 25 parts per million. As noted, though, this amount can change.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in All 50 States?

Many people worry about where they can buy CBD hemp oil. It is true that many states have rules on who can purchase oils that include cannabis in them. However, our products are not under that rule. It is possible to buy our products in all 50 states. It is legal to purchase CBD hemp oil in all 50 states – that is important to know especially if you are considering the benefits it can offer to you.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs and Cats

There are many benefits to using CBD oil for dogs and cats. However, this is a powerful tool, and it is best to use the smallest dose possible to see benefits. In most situations, the dog or cat dosage should be based on weight. For pets up to 25 pounds, no more than two drops are ideal and no more than one or two times per day. For pets between 25 and 50 pounds, up to four drops per day is best, though this can be administered twice a day. For pets 50 to 75 pounds, six drops at one time, one or two times a day is ideal. For those animals over 75 pounds, it is possible to administer eight drops per dose one or two times per day.

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